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Other online paid survey sites which accept members from the UK are listed here:

Springboard Panel

Springboard is one of UK's leading online research communities. As a member, you will receive invitations to paid surveys. You earn Survey cash for completing online surveys. Most of the surveys award between £0.50 and £2.5 if you qualify and complete them. When you reach £30 in your virtual account you can redeem your Survey cash for a personal cheque or a donation to a charitable organization. You are entered into a prize draw to win £1000 upon joining.
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Mingle is a platform for people living in Europe who want to become involved in the process of opinion building and want to change things. As a member of mingle you will take part in market and opinion research surveys. You will receive bonus points for taking part. You can donate these points to well-known charities, trade them in for shopping vouchers or have the equivalent cash value paid into your bank account.
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American Consumer Opinion Panel

American Consumer Opinion Panel is a reputed international market research firm which pays you cash to complete online surveys. For each survey, you get US$4 to US$25. You get a chance to evaluate new products, test new advertising, and tell companies what you like, don't like, and want in the future. They mail you your payment as check within 4 weeks of completing the paid survey. Make your opinions count and earn money with ACOP.
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At ViewsBank, you can earn cash rewards and prizes for online surveys, polls, mystery shopping, and work from home projects. You get different rewards for various assignments. Surveys are mostly rewarded through direct payment or prize draws. Mystery shopping and work at home projects are normallly direct payment and other earning opportunities such as winning Post of the week, Poll of The week also receive cash prizes. Any earnings accrued during a month are paid on the second Tuesday of the following month, provided the threshold of £6.00 has been reached, via paypal.
Join ViewsBank Panel here is one of the fastest growing research panels in the UK. In addition to online surveys, members are invited to take part in telephone surveys, SMS surveys and focus groups. Members earn rewards for participating in research studies in a variety of ways. For every survey that you complete, you will be rewarded in one of two ways. Some surveys will carry rewards between £0.50 and £10, which we will be added directly to your panelbase account. Other surveys may, in addition, include an entry into a prize draw where you could win anything from a case of wine, to an iPod or huge plasma TV. At £10, you can withdraw your rewards by cheque, vouchers, or BACS payment in to your bank account. New members can earn £3 straight away just for registering.
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Nielsen Netratings UK

For over 50 years, Nielsen Media Research and the Nielsen Television Family have helped to shape the programming and trends of today's TV. Now you can join the Nielsen//NetRatings panel and help shape the future of the Internet. Download and install the Nielsen//NetRatings Online software. This software helps Netratings to understand how you are using the Internet and gives you the opportunity to take part in their panel surveys and win some cool prizes! For each survey you complete, you are entered into your voice, your choice sweepstakes. You could win great prizes including £30,000 cash.
Join Nielsen/ Netratings here


Spidermetrix is an Australia based site that pays you to evaluate websites by taking questionnaires. There are also short single question surveys on the site. Members are called spiders and they earn spider points as rewards. Points can be redeemed as cash and they pay you by paypal.
Join Spidermetrix here is an online service dedicated to gathering consumer opinions and lifestyles. To have your say and get your voice heard; simply complete one of our short online surveys and answer the questions as accurately as possible. In exchange for participation in surveys, you will be entered into fantastic prize draws where you can win a variety of prizes; from new cars and holidays to beauty products and gadgets.
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Valued Opinions

Valued Opinions is a service which pays you for taking part in market research survey. For every survey that you complete, your Valued Opinions account will be credited (typically with between £1 and £2). When your account balance reaches £5, you can redeem your reward with a gift voucher for one of a range of well-known high street and Internet shops. They have a new promotion now, where you can win an ipod nano for joining now!
Join Valued Opinions here

Ipsos Surveys UK

Ipsos Panel is managed by Ipsos Interactive Services which is one of the largest professional marketing research firms in the world. The UK panel is open to all UK residents above 16 years of age. For each survey you complete as a panel member, you'll earn points that can be exchanged for High Street vouchers of your choice from 3 major UK department stores. There is also a promotion where you can win a fantastic holiday break worth €3,000.
Join Ipsos UK Here


At YourWord, you get paid to use your ideas to improve brands and earn rewards. You can connect with the brands through online surveys. You can share your favorite ads and you can chat about your hopes and dreams for a brand's new product. Earn rewards for sharing your thoughts and time. Then, redeem your rewards for gift cards to some of your favorite retailers like Amazon and Groupon.
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AIP surveys

AIP online surveys are free to join. Once you join, you will receive survey invitations by email. You will be rewarded in the form of EPoints when you complete the survey. Accumulated EPoints can be redeemed for rewards such as various gift vouchers. 100 EPoints = ₤1.00. Minimum needed for vouchers redemtion is 500 EPoints. Join AIP surveys now, for a chance to win £900.
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Ask GFK Surveys

AskGfK gives you the opportunity to influence products and services through online surveys. In return for your particpation, you will be rewarded with points. Every point is worth a penny, so 100 points = £1. Once you have reached 1500 points you can redeem them for highstreet vouchers worth £15.
Join Ask GfK Panel here

Zoom Panel

At ZoomPanel, you get rewarded for completing free paid surveys. ZoomPanel offers members many rewards. You earn ZoomPoints for participating in surveys. ZoomPoints can be redeemed for valuable merchandise. There are also sweepstakes where you can win great cash prizes.
Join Zoom Panel here

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