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More free paid surveys for Americans:

iPanelOnline USA

IPanel is a professional online marketing research platform where members can earn money by participating in surveys. After you complete the surveys, you will accumulate points in your account. When you have enough points you can redeem for cash or prizes. Cash redemption is currently through paypal. When you reach the redemption level, you can redeem via paypal.
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Spidermetrix is an Australia based site that pays you to evaluate websites by taking questionnaires. There are also short single question fun surveys on the site. Members are called spiders and they earn spider points as rewards. Points can be redeemed as cash and they pay you by paypal.
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Give Us Your 2 Cents offers exciting opportunities to participate in surveys which are interesting, fun and easy. Complete the survey and get an entry to a $50,000 sweepstakes. Start survey now and you could be the winner of the grand prize of $50,000. Check back daily as there are new surveys every day, and every time you fill out a survey, you will gain another entry into the $50,000 drawing.
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Harris Poll Online

The Harris Poll online rewards you for taking part in free surveys. For every new survey you complete, you'll earn HIpoints. Once you've accumulated enough points you may redeem them for your choice of a variety of great rewards. They also give you a chance to win cash prizes ranging from $50 to grand prize of $10,000 in sweepstakes.
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Univox Community

Univox Community is a place where you can voice your opinions about products, services and other issues. Every contribution you make earns you reward points. Every 100 points you earn equals one dollar. Once you reach 2500 points, you’ll be eligible for a $25 Amazon online gift certificate. Once you join and complete the initial survey, you will earn 500 free rewards points.
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Planet Panel

PlanetPanel is a worldwide community of consumers and conducts online surveys on a variety of subjects with consumers across the globe. You will earn a PlanetPanel lottery ticket for each survey that you complete. Each month's lottery tickets are automatically entered into the monthly drawing. Your point total forms the basis for your odds in that month's drawing. So the more points you have, the more chances you have of winning a prize! Prizes are paid through PayPal. Each month there is one $1000 prize winner and many $50 prize winners. You also earn points for referring your friends.
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MobileXpression is an elite market research community dedicated to improving the mobile Internet. Answer a few questions about your mobile phone to find out if you’re eligible to join our research community and earn rewards. To join you need to install download their research software on your Smartphone. Join today and you will receive a $15 virtual Visa® prepaid card. MobileXpression members have opportunities to win cash, gift cards, and merchandise. All MobileXpression members are eligible to participate in the "Your Opinion Matters" sweepstakes which offers a chance at the Grand Prize of $100,000. One winner will be chosen each month who will win $100 and will then have the chance to win $2500, $5000, or even $100,000.
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MySoapBox Panel

MySoapBox is a new platform to voice your opinions. Speak your mind, be heard, and make a difference. You are encouraged to give feedback on all sorts of things you use, buy, and do every day. In exchange for your MySoapBox participation, you will be rewarded with points. These points can be redeemed for various prizes. You are eligible for redemption once you have earned 25,000 points and various options including gift cards are available.
Join MySoapBox here

AIP Online Surveys

AIP online surveys is a new panel which rewards you for taking online surveys. Once registered, you will be sent surveys for you to respond to. You will accumulate EPoints depending on the contents, number of questions and length of each survey. Accumulated EPoints are redeemable for rewards such as gift vouchers and/or cash paid via paypal. 100 EPoints = 1.00 USD. Minimum needed for redemption is 500 EPoints.
Join AIP online surveys here

Rewarded Opinions

Rewarded Opinions is an online community that rewards you for your views. They have a point based rewards. Each point is worth 1 cent. Once you have reached 2000 CREDIT POINTS, you are able to cash your points in for actual cash. Join to get a chance to win a $100 Amazon voucher.
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Socratic Forum

Socratic Forum members participate in state-of-the-art Web-based surveys about the hottest new technologies and software, e-commerce innovations, business-to-business products and services, and forces driving the global economy. After registering, you are entered into a monthly drawing for a chance to win $100. In exchange for your opinions, you will be rewarded with opportunities to receive cash, online gift certificates, and other rewards.
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Opinion Place

Opinion Place is an online community of US consumers who get rewards by telling companies how to improve their products and services. Start taking surveys and earn rewards. Reward options are gift cards, PayPal Credits, AAdvantage miles and entry into sweepstakes. Opinion Place surveys reward from $1-5.00 or 75-150 miles, depending on the length of the survey.
Join Opinion Place here is a market research panel open to Hispanics and Latinos in the United States. It allows Hispanics to influence opinion and help in the development of new products and services. For each survey completed, you earn MarketPoints. When you have accumulated 1000 MarketPoints, you can redeem it for $50.
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Honest Insite Panel

Honest Insite is a market research panel. It is a community of individuals who agree to share their opinions honestly. As compensation for surveys, you earn “HI” points. Typically, you will earn up to $3 worth of rewards per survey. Points can be redeemed can be redeemed for Hallmark gift cards or as cash via paypal.
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FGI Research

FGI Research gives you the opportunity to win cash prizes and other rewards just for participating in paid surveys. The surveys are fun, interesting and important, and help in product development
Join FGI Research Panel here

Datatelligence Online Panel

You can join the Datatelligence ONLINE community by completing a short registration form. Participate in national opinion surveys from the comfort of your home or office and earn cash and other great rewards – movie tickets, gift certificates, magazine subscription, music & ringtone downloads, just to name a few. Help leading manufacturers make decisions on products and services you use everyday.
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